Man erects $4,000 middle finger statue for eveyone to see

middle finger statue

steve kelly

10/27/20211 min read

Steps from Route 128 in Westford, Mass a towering sculpture stands. You can see the blurry image here but people can tell you what they see clearly when they drive by.
"It's a big middle finger. Really high above the tree line," said Deanna Wilcox of Fairfax.
"It's a big hand with a fist with one finger lifted up in an expression that we all know what it means," said Mark Sustic of Fletcher.
Ted Pelkey says he spent $4,000 on a massive sculpture of a middle finger.
Pelkey says its for officials in the town of Westford. "I'm hoping that we can get it through to the people in the town of Westford to have a really long look at the people who are running their town," Pelkey told WCAX-TV.
Mr. Pelkey has been having a dispute with the town over whether he can develop his property. He says the fight has turned personal, so officials are getting the finger. The town can't do anything about it because the structure is considered a work of art.